The World’s Top 10 Ugliest Dog Breeds List

Now people are very fond of pets, dogs and cats are everyone’s favorite pets, today I will give you a list of the world’s top ten ugliest dog breeds, these dogs are really very ugly, but they have to be very good nature, look at these stupid and silly dogs, may fall in love with them.


The World’s Top Ten Ugly Dogs Ranked:

  • 1. Sam
  • 2. McKenzie
  • 3. ugly
  • 4. Allie Chick
  • 5. Elwood
  • 6. hob
  • 7. rascal
  • 8. Gus
  • 9. Pabst
  • 10. Abby

The World’s Top 10 Ugliest Dog Breeds List

No. 10: Abby

Abby: The 2010 Ugly Dog of the Year is a hunchbacked Chihuahua with weirdly twisted hind legs and a severely deformed spine, made even uglier by a permanent squint.

He was also abandoned and became a stray covered in fleas and ticks, but fortunately was later taken in by the Animal Protection Society and found a new owner.


No. 9: Pabst

In the 2009 World Ugly Dog Race, Pabst was the overall winner of the race, and his ugliness was unmatched by any other dog on the field.


No. 8: Gus

This 9-year-old Chinese Crested has skin cancer, cancer that has cost him a leg, and an attack from another animal that left him blind in his left eye. Gus was always abused in his former owner’s home and was rescued in his current crippled one-eyed form. He defended his title in the 2008 World Ugly Dog Competition and passed away five months after winning the title.

No. 7: Rascal

This Chinese Crested, who was born hairless and with skin marks all over his body, shares his family’s ugliness and is rightfully on the list of the world’s ugly dogs. His grandfather, Hoshi, is even a Guinness World Record holder, as he is unbeaten in all ugly dog competitions.


No. 6: Hubble

Hubble was a homeless stray dog who was rescued from the woods and moved into a shelter in Leeds, England. His twisted yellow teeth and rough terrier skin were unbeatable sure-fire winners and helped him win the British Ugly Dog Championship and become famous.


No. 5: Elwood

Elwood, a 2-year-old Chinese Crested and Chihuahua mix, topped the 2007 Ugly Dog of the Year list.

Elwood’s breeder even planned to euthanize him at birth for fear he would be too ugly to find a buyer. Elwood died in 2013.


No. 4: Ellie Chick

In 2009, at the World Ugly Dog Competition held in California, 17-year-old Ellie Chick won the first prize. The ugly-looking Chinese Crested attracted global attention with its natural capital. Ellie was a finalist in the 2010 Ugly Dog Competition, but as fate would have it, she unfortunately passed away at her home in Tennessee, USA in November 2009.


No. 3: Ugly

Ugly was abandoned at an animal shelter in England when he was 2 years old. This half-blind shorthaired hound became a hit in the 2010 British Ugly Dog Competition and became the subject of many adoptions.


April Parker, 35, finally won the right to adopt him, and the first thing he did after getting him was change his name from Ug to the friendlier nickname Doug.

No. 2: Mackenzie

Mackenzie is notoriously ugly and has won many ugly dog competitions. He makes a grunting snorting sound when he walks, and his spiky, stiff gray fur around his neck blows up like a lion king without having to do his hair. Its figure appeared on the TV screen and in newspapers and magazines, shocking the world with its ugliness.


No. 1: Sam

Why is the weird Sam the first ugly?

Because he looks like both a monster ravaged by biological weapons and a mutant freak who suddenly appears in a horror movie, even though he is just an amazing-looking Chinese Crested Dog.

Sam won the 2005 World Ugly Dog Competition in California, the third time he has won the competition. Unfortunately, at the age of 14, Sam died of cancer in November 2005 after suffering from an ongoing illness.


In this era where face is justice, face is simply too important! Face is a bargaining chip, but it must not be the only one!

For these dogs born with peculiar looks, their natural and unique looks are very valuable, rather than the ugly unique, not the same old beauty, is so individual!

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