Who We Are


Hi, I’m wade, and I grew up with a dog. 

My hometown is in the countryside, at that time we almost every family have a dog, and my dog is a leader among dogs.

I’ve had six or seven dogs so far and I love playing with them and they love playing with me. I have some experience with dogs that may help you. Of course, also, in terms of dog ownership, I always want to discuss with you what dog ownership experience and tips.

If you also want to communicate with me, please send me an email. My email address is shuke123123@gmail.com.

Name Buddy

When I was young, my dog loved to follow me around so much that I named him Buddy. He was my first dog, but sadly, he passed away in 2012.

He’s a Labrador. I go out every day and Buddy follows me around.

Even now, I sometimes think of it and the days of playing ball with it. In the summer, I will go swimming, the first time I go into the water, Buddy is afraid, I encourage him little by little, and then I take him to learn swimming, Buddy’s talent is very high, he learns swimming very quickly.